by Welfare

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Recorded and produced by Ryan Aughenbaugh at Foxhole Studios in Portland, Oregon


released March 5, 2013

Joshua Bassett - vocals, guitar
Ryan Aughenbaugh - bass, vocals
Elliot Aughenbaugh - percussion, vocals
Andisheh Afghan - violin, cello, vocals
Dan Bacon - keyboard, glockenspiel, guitar



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Welfare Portland, Oregon

With a mix of soft, falsetto-driven dream music, and hard blues/country/indie rock music, Welfare seeks to connect with people through music and harmonies. Welfare's goal is to play as much music as possible for as many people, while meeting and befriending all the beautiful and wonderful people who, like us, find peace, wisdom, and life in music. Welfare loves you. ... more

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Track Name: Overstep
Calmly, slowly, proudly go nowhere
Please understand me
When I'm looking lazy

Blessed by the wrong thought
You never forgot
Fuck silver linings
The piss left behind me

You're claiming your winnings, exhausted
Expanding, demanding, we're landing

You'll never know
in this home
You'll never know
in this home
Drunken sweat
in this home
Night to forget
in this home
Need my sleep
in this home
Nothing we'll keep

It don't mean the same thing
Wearing different rings
But when I mistook you
I was the fool again
Track Name: Comfort and Doubt
Holler and chant
But I know you don't like that
But I'm still around
Jumping from town to town

I know
You wanted us to go
But my feet can't move from here

Comfort and doubt
You know we both have that
I'm eyeing the couch
But you're longing for our bed

You trust me
and still feel restless
Live inside me
and no more questions
Come to your mind
It's overwhelming
And we'll say goodnight
And sleep together
Track Name: Volcanoes in Bloom
My heart's a balloon
Lifted by a violent typhoon
In this breeze I swoon
Swept up in your monsoon

Glazed eyes stare
Your lips need a wing and a prayer
Smiling through her affair

Volcanoes in Bloom
Explode into our room
Kissed you way too soon
And we never made it to the moon

Hold me like you would if I were him
But you go limp
'Cause you see, he's right behind me
Track Name: The Fall
Copy all your clothes
You don't know what you want
And I'll be standing by
You don't have to lie on the floor
Standing still but time
You know we have luck
Farther than we stand
You don't have a plan

And I'll just keep
All my sleep

Sink into regret
And pause all of your dreams
Sit and stare at walls
Think about the fall

And I'll just keep
All my sleep
Track Name: No One Else
Leaving off
Like I came from nothing
Scared of God
Like he's hiding in your dreams
Well informed
But I'm so bored
I cannot trust
Myself and no one else

In the past
We forget
Don't compare
This love to anyone else
Me and You

Doubting every pattern of loving
Shameless, two-faced, liar, goddamned
Calmly, slowly tell me everything that I need
To pass this stubborn hour glass